5 Unforgettable Summer Adventures – Get Started Today

Take advantage of kids being home this summer with these unforgettable summer adventures.

By making this time together memorable, the summer will be full of excitement.  You’ll have memories that will live on forever and hopefully some great pictures to commemorate the moments.

Kids Grow Up Too Darn Fast

Having kids is like a whirlwind where you may feel like time speeds up.

Sometimes I look at my son and feel like he grew up overnight.

Since, I work full time, I make the most of our weekend times together by doing something fun, memorable, and exciting over the weekends with him and my amazing husband.

The different summer adventures have been so much fun and have filled our camera with pictures to enjoy for years.

Parents Will Benefit from More Movement

Kids are NON-STOP!

They WANT action and MOVEMENT.

Parents need more movement too.

If we followed our kids around and copied their every move, we would all be in tip-top shape.  There’s even a great Paleo-theme around this whole idea.

Check out Primal Play.  It’s truly eye-opening.

5 Unforgettable Summer Adventures

These summer adventures combine the best of both worlds…they are a fun way to add movement to your life, while also making unforgettable memories.

Making this summer the…BEST SUMMER EVER!

(hands clapping).  Seriously, I heard that in my head as I wrote that.

Best of all, you don’t need thousands of dollars or tons of vacation time to enjoy these summer adventures.  You only need a weekend, which I hope you have, and a few local attractions.

1. Pool Days

Of course the pool!  It’s summer, and that’s just synonymous with pools, swimsuits, and popsicles.

Don’t dread that swimsuit either, we are in a new generation where we LOVE our bodies…or at least respect or accept them.

If you’re not there yet, just remember no one is looking at you…they’re probably more worried about you looking at them!  No joke.

Keep Moving at the Pool with these Games

2. Beach/Lake Excursions

If you’re lucky to be in close proximity to a beach or a lake…USE IT!

We have a beach close to us where we can drive our vehicles out onto the sand.  We simply set up a tent with chairs and enjoy.

There’s no limit to the endless fun at the beach!

summer adventures
Wyatt having fun at the Beach
Beach Play
  • Sand castles – of course!
  • Burying little kids in the sand
  • Boogie boarding in the waves
Lake Excursions
  • Stand up paddle boarding
  • Tubing
  • Boating
  • Fishing
Wyatt’s fish – 1 out of 11 total!

3. Museum Adventures

When I say Museum, I’m encompassing ALL the possible museums out there.  Depending on where you live and if you’re near a big city, you probably have a ton!

Museums Great for Kids
  • Zoo
  • Aquarium
  • Children’s Museum
  • Other exploratory or learning museums

If you have a Zoo nearby, you must add this to your “Summer Adventures” list.  If you go early – when it first opens – you have a better chance of seeing some behind-the-scenes work the Zookeepers have to do for the animals.

The Houston Zoo will let you watch as the elephants eat their breakfast and have their morning bath.

They also let you feed lettuce leaves to the giraffes!

Wyatt at the Zoo

Museum adventures are also great!  Wyatt loves going to the Children’s Museum in downtown Houston and loves to explore.

He leads himself through the different activities and my husband and I simply follow and enjoy how inquisitive he is and how much he retains from these little trips.

We can’t forget about the deep ocean adventures!

Aquariums offer so much to kids and parents alike.  It’s not often we get to go explore the oceans.

Since I grew up in Boston, we often take Wyatt to the Boston Aquarium, which he loves!  The best part about the Boston Aquarium is the interactive exhibits – like petting starfish and petting sting rays!

Wyatt petting a Sting Ray

Whichever Museum you choose, you’re in for an adventure!

4. Camping Trips

Camping trips are one of the best summer adventures because the whole family is…literally…on an adventure!

Whether you’re in a tent, cabin, or homey RV, it’s still a great experience.  Everyday holds the possibility of new discoveries, new trails to explore, or new animals to find.

Ideas to Stay Busy While Camping
  • Roasting marshmallows – of course!
  • Hiking along trails
  • Exploring

5. Backyard Fun

Summer adventures can even be right in your own backyard!

These backyard summer adventures are some of MY favorites.

I forgot how much fun it is to PLAY LIKE A KID again.  I may not move like a kid…or have endless amounts of energy like a kid…but putting my worries behind me and entering into the world of imagination, truly sets your spirit free.

Backyard Summer Adventures
  • Water balloon toss
  • Water gun fights
  • Picnics
  • Outside movies
  • Obstacle course

I will never forget playing with water guns with Wyatt in the backyard.  We filled them up and gave each other a few seconds to run and hide.

When I opened my eyes I had no idea where Wyatt went.  I started walking towards the back of the house – looking all over for him.  As I was passing our climbing tree…SQUIRT!  Water right in my face followed by hysterical laughing.

He was hiding, quietly, patiently behind this tree just waiting for me.

It was amazing fun.

PS. I got him pretty good a couple times too!

What to Pack for your Summer Adventures

First and foremost…buy a Yeti.  I know they can be a little pricey, but these are absolutely amazing for these summer adventures.  Plus, I’ve found that if it’s just me, I can very easily sling this over my shoulder along with the beach bag and have no trouble.

Best Food for Traveling

If you’re going away for longer than just a weekend, check out this post on Staying Healthy while on Vacation.

Stay Healthy while on Vacation

What Summer Adventures are You Planning?

Do you have a summer adventure coming up?

Let us know about it in the comments below.  I’m excited to hear about how YOU create unforgettable memories.

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