5 Top Stress Management Activities to Start Now and Live a Full Life

The very last thing I want for you to do when reducing stress is ADD these Stress Management Activities to you “To-Do” list.

The whole premise behind these Stress Management Activities is in REDUCING that “To-Do” list.  By cutting down on the things you think you need to do and creating more time, you can spend more time with family and friends, do more of what you love, and enjoy your life.

The ‘Perfect Life’ is a Lie

You know that perfect life we are all want?

You know…where we have superpowers and can do everything, like working all day, exercising, cooking, playing for hours with our children, taking long baths, and going to bed on time, all while keeping the whole house spotless.

Yeah…in what world?

Plus, if I had superpowers, I’d be flying around like superman.

The point is…we are always so busy striving for that “perfect” life that we don’t really see, feel, or immerse ourselves into what we have or what really matters.

Getting caught up in the race for the perfect, idealized life, is taking over our pure enjoyment of what’s right in front of us.

Stress is 50% of the Health Equation

I wrote about stress and health in this post, but it’s worth repeating.

50% of the Health Equation is being in the right state to assimilate and digest food.

You could be eating healthy and exercising regularly, but if you’re not in the right state to assimilate and digest your food, you’re not getting the maximum benefit from your food.

50% less…that’s huge!

5 Top Stress Management Activities to Start Now

Starting now, you can reduce your stress by reducing your “To-Do” list and start living and enjoying your life the way you were meant to.

1. Forget the Smelly Laundry

Unless, of course, you’re completely naked.

Even if the laundry still keeps piling up, don’t let it stop you from going out and enjoying yourself.  Whether it’s a weekend with friends or family, or an evening of playing games as a family, the laundry can wait.

Simple Solution

Throw a load in the laundry each evening so you’re never overloaded with several loads in one day.

2. Don’t Worry about Dirty Dishes

Don’t get me wrong, a clean kitchen feels great.  Plus no one wants to wake up in the morning to a sink full of dirty dishes, but…don’t let those dishes get in the way of life.

Doing the dishes is all about timing.

I try to do dishes when my son is taking a bath so I can spend quality time with him before that.  My aunt likes doing the dishes after everyone goes to bed.

If you can find a few minutes to wash the dishes or load the dishwasher when things are uneventful or quiet, you won’t feel upset or feel like you’re missing out.

When you stop worrying about a sink full of dirty dishes, you can focus more on what’s important to you that very moment.

Simple Solution

Simply rinse off each item and leave them in the sink with some warm, soapy water.  When you come back to them, the more difficult stuck on goo will be GONE and it cuts washing time in half.

It’s like magic.

3. Who Cares about Scummy Toilets

Here’s the dirty truth…

The second you clean the toilet, it gets dirty.

Yup, the truth is out.

Ok, ok. I know you guys get it, but come on…the toilet can go 2 weeks or…(gasp)…even 3 weeks sometimes.

When the focus is on family, creating long-lasting memories, self-love, self-improvement, or whatever else it is you’re doing, it should never be put aside for…the toilet.

Simple Solution

This DIY toilet cleaner is super easy, super fast, and fun.  It’s like the exploding volcano you did in school.

Add 1/2 cup vinegar, 8 drops tea tree essential oil, and 2 tbsp baking soda in the toilet and be AMAZED.

4. Messy Rooms are Where the Fun Happens

My son doesn’t know what toys he has unless they’re scattered all over the floor.

Typical, right?

On top of that, my son also won’t play with them unless we are close by.

Sooo…the living room usually looks like this…

Wyatt’s Toy Zoo

But you know what…he plays with them.

Instead of watching TV or playing video games, he plays with his toys.

Even better, my husband and I enjoy watching him play.  We see how the Paw Patrol saves the day, how the penguin takes care of the animal zoo, and how all of his toy cars can fit inside the garage made of Lincoln Logs.

I would much rather trade in a spotless living room for long-lasting memories of Wyatt playing.

Simple Solution

Establish a routine habit of cleaning up by adding it to your children’s bed-time routine.

Depending on what the bed-time routine is, add this habit in at the beginning and you’ll never have a huge mess to clean up at the end of the week.

5. Worry Less about Disorganized “Stuff”

Yesterdays mail on the counter, old Amazon boxes, papers from…who knows where.  Whatever is laying around without a place, is probably driving you crazy.

Not to mention adding unnecessary stress to your life. 

This is, by far, the most difficult for me to deal with. 

I will spend 15 minutes moving “stuff” from one table to the other – ridiculously thinking that I’ve cleaned.

Yes, this is true.  I have a table that I don’t even look at because it’s covered in “stuff.”  I can’t even tell you what’s all there – flashlights, pens, mosquito repellent…I mean the list is endless.

Oh I’ll organize it one day, but until then, I’m going to stop stressing about it and focus on the things that provide value to my life and family.

Simple Solution

Get rid of it all!

Most of you may think I’m joking, but my husband and son know I’m certainly not.

We don’t really need all the “stuff” we accumulate.

Just think of it all – the stuff we keep in our homes, garages, and (I’m cringing as I’m typing this) storage units that we pay every month for.

If you don’t love it…toss it.

If you love it (or in some cases, need it), then find a place for it.

Start Living a Full Life

Now that you reduced your “To-Do” list, let’s switch the focus on the things we CAN do with our free time and increase your vitality and happiness.

Play More

What do you remember most about being a kid?

I bet it has something to do with PLAY.

We can still play as adults, just look at what Darryl is doing with Primal Play.

Or maybe playing games with your children is how you play.

Whatever it is, playing will add a dimension to your life that you may have forgotten.  It will put a smile on your face and give your heart a true feeling of joy.

Play More

Move More

Do something for yourself with all this time you saved.  Spending extra time on yourself or your community brings so much joy and happiness to your life.

Go for walks around your neighborhood, start a garden and harvest your own food, or volunteer for an organization that means something to you.

Finally start an exercise program and be consistent with it.  These tips will help guide you to choosing, scheduling, and being consistent with the exercise program that’s best for you.

Experience More

Plan great day or weekend trips that forge unforgettable memories.

Check out these 5 Unforgettable Summer Adventures that don’t cost a whole lot and only require ONE DAY. 

Learn More

Never stop learning.

Believe it or not, but we can learn from our children.  We think that we, as parents, have to teach them everything, and, yes, part of that is true.  However, the reverse is also true.

We were also meant to learn from them, and this post explains it all.

Our Children can Change the World

Did you figure out the secret?

Do you have something to add to the list to stop stressing about?

What have you added to your life to live more or live longer?

Comment below to join the conversation.

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