4 Smart Tips to Start Exercising and be Consistent

If you follow these four simple steps to start exercising, you will establish a healthy exercise routine and it will be easy to be consistent.

First, what has kept you from starting before?

Be honest.  Take a few moments to really think about your answer here.

For a majority of you, it’s simply that you don’t have enough time.

Everyone is so “busy” these days.

We are busy working, taking care of family and kids, cooking meals, shopping, traveling, surfing the internet, browsing Facebook, watching useless television, and doing whatever else it is that keeps us from what is truly important in our lives.

Make Time

Are we really that busy?

The short, honest answer is, “No.”

To get more of our time back, we must first understand what is truly important and free ourselves from this black hole constantly engulfing our time.

Put You First

You are Important.  Your health is important.  There are people who depend on you, and you have to be healthy enough to support yourself before you can support others.

You know the in-flight passenger announcement about the oxygen masks?

“If you are travelling with a child or someone who requires assistance, secure your mask on first, and then assist the other person.” – in-flight passenger announcements.

Before I was blessed with an amazing son, I didn’t quite understand why in the world a mom or dad would worry about themselves first and their children second.  Aren’t their children most important?

Now, seeing through different, wiser eyes, I understand that if I can’t breathe, my son wouldn’t have me anymore and I wouldn’t be able to protect him.  That’s way more terrifying to me than anything else.

If you’re not healthy, those who depend on you will lose you.  They will lose your support, your guidance, your love, your…everything.

That doesn’t benefit anyone and certainly not you.

Forget the useless things that don’t need to be done, turn off the television, disconnect from Facebook and Twitter, and make time for yourself.  Make time to finally exercise like you’ve been telling yourself you need to do for years.  Make time to get healthy.

Whatever it is that makes you whole – makes you who you are – make time for it and…


Develop a Schedule

You found the time, you cleared away the “busyness.”  Now make it part of your daily schedule.

We are all creatures of habit.  We thrive on the daily expectation and the typical series of events.  Yes, sometimes we do escape from the day-to-day by going off on vacation or participating in spur-of-the-moment activities.

After a few days or a week, aren’t you ready to return home, to your schedule?  It’s written into our DNA.

I wake up at 4 am every morning…or most every morning.  I don’t have to be at work until 6:30 or so, but I still get up at 4 am so I can enjoy my breakfast, my coffee, and a book.  Sometimes a magazine or a cookbook gets thrown into the mix too.  This is my time.  My time to relax and enjoy.  I love to begin my day this way; it is part of my schedule.

Just like any other regular activity, I also build exercise into my schedule.  I prefer exercising directly after work.  I don’t go home; just leave work and go directly to the gym.  It’s scheduled, I expect it, and I love it.

Schedule Time for Your Exercise

  • In the morning
  • During lunch
  • Before or after work
  • Split into separate sessions throughout the day

Wherever and whenever you can schedule it in.

Be firm.  You’re the boss here.

Find a Workout

You found the time, you cleared away the “busyness,” you made exercise part of your daily schedule.  The next important step is deciding what exercise to do.

That’s an easy one.

“Do what you love.” – GOD

Isn’t that what makes life enjoyable?

Cycle Class

Try Different Exercises

  • Boot camp
  • Cycle
  • CrossFit
  • Yoga
  • PiYo
  • Weight-lifting
  • Walking
  • Swimming

Find something you enjoy and stick with it.  The benefits are huge.

Just by adding daily exercise of any kind, you can reap these 8 Powerful Exercise Benefits.

Weight Room

Develop a Routine

You found the time, you cleared away the “busyness,” you made exercise part of your daily schedule, and you found an exercise you love.  You did it! The hard part is over.

Now it’s as simple as rest and repeat.

Rest and Repeat.

Rest and Repeat.

Yeah, you get it.

Overtime this will become so ingrained into your schedule, it will become second nature for you.

By repeating this daily – weekly – schedule, you now created a routine.  Your body craves routines.  We truly are creatures of habit and we thrive by following our routines.  Especially routines that help make you a better person, a healthier person.

Only when you can fully support yourself can you then support and offer assistance to others.

Once you’re mentally prepared to start exercising, the process is simple and proven.  By being selective and making time for exercise, finding an exercise you love, and finally establishing a routine, you will finally reach a point where consistency is built-in and second nature.

Additional Tips in Comments

What other tips could you provide on how to start exercising and be consistent?  Let me know in the comments below.  I would love to hear what you think.

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