Paleo Recipes

Paleo Recipes

These Paleo recipes and Whole30 recipes will guide you to a new, healthy lifestyle, improve your energy and attitude, and satisfy your cravings for the less-healthy alternatives.  I switched to a Paleo lifestyle back in 2012 and have lived this way ever since.  This Paleo lifestyle saved my life.  Read more about how My Struggle Made Me but Doesn’t Define Me if you are interested in my whole story.

I’m always looking for new recipes, so please comment below if you would like me to “Paleofy” something for you…and yes, I think I just made up that word.

Paleo Proteins

Paleo Proteins

Paleo Vegetables

Produce from the Farmers Market

Paleo Breakfast

Blueberry Muffins

Paleo Bread

Hot Dog Buns

Paleo Sauces

Soy-Free Soy Sauce

Paleo Treats

Dairy-Free Chocolate Pecan Ice Cream

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  1. Vickie Snow says:

    I got your information from your brother at a H.E.B. where they were doing testing for sugar, and high blood pressure etc., and I was asking him the difference between the two different test and we got to talking and I told him that I had pulled myself off of Lipitor that I just started a Paleo diet and he told me about you and what you have accomplished on this/your web site. (Don’t hurt your brother too much for leading me to you…LOL…)

    I am so impressed by all these recipes that you have invented, they all sound so delicious and am so excited to try them. My daughter is also on this diet, she has been on it for some time now and has been so successful in her weight loss, I have a long way to go and weight doesn’t fall off of me as good or as fast, as we get older it just gets harder…LOL

    One of the hardest that I have come across is letting go of sweets, but I’m doing really good, but looking at your recipes in that category, well, looks really good so maybe I don’t have to give up all my sweets. Once again. thank you for doing this, I’m so glad that your kidneys are doing so much better.

    God send,

    1. tanyahobson says:

      Thank you so much, Vickie! My brother did mention that he directed you to my website and I’m glad you found the information and the recipes helpful.

      I know exactly what you mean about the sweets. When I switched to follow a Paleo lifestyle, it took me about 2 years to be able to control my sweet cravings. I now allow myself one dessert per week and I choose only certain desserts made with natural dates or fruit as sweeteners. I rotate using the ones posted on my website.

      Interestingly enough, I find that when I go a little overboard on the sweets, I feel sluggish and tired the next day. Judging your own body’s response to the foods you eat is the best approach to controlling your cravings. The cause-effect of your food choices will soon make the decision for you.

      I’m so happy to hear that you were able to come off Lipitor just by following a Paleo lifestyle; congratulations to you! Keep up the good work and please keep me informed of your progress. Regarding your desired weight loss, do you also have an exercise routine?

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