Simplify Your Kitchen and Stock the Top 10 Kitchen Essentials

Stock up on these Top 10 Kitchen Essentials and it will be much easier to simplify your kitchen.

There is tremendous value in simplifying, but only to a certain point.  The Paleo Lifestyle is not intending for you to get rid of all the modern-day conveniences, but more about finding the balance with what is essential and not essential.

Benefit to Living the Simple Life

Simple creates More

The theory behind simplifying your life is that excess physical clutter also clutters the mind.

Your external world is a reflection of your internal world.

You can reverse engineer that by cleaning your external world and noticing how that shifts internally.

This internal shift is especially important in creating the space for health in your life.

Our Story to Simple

Our New, Simpler Home

A few years ago we were living a pretty typical residential life. 

We had a house in the suburbs of Houston with a simple backyard and great neighborhood features like parks, pools, splash pads, and miles of walking trails along the neighborhood water retention areas. 

Even though it seemed like we had so much at our disposal, we still felt like something was missing from our home…from our life.

Overtime, we hired people to clean the house and mow the lawn.

We even hired people to take care of our grass, keep it green and plush, spray for weeds, and keep our trees and plants free of bugs.

The more money we made, the more money we doled out.

The cycle was never ending.

We were in a race to move forward and create more experiences; however, our track kept circling around and around.

We decided to buy a smaller home that we could maintain ourselves.  A home that had character, a large, wooded yard, but still in a walk-able town.

We did this so we could be closer to nature, reduce our spending, and finally experience more of what life had to offer.

That’s exactly what we did!

You can read more about our adventure in this post, Let Go and Live Life!

5 Simple Tips on Clearing Kitchen Clutter

Our Kitchen Nook

When you start clearing the clutter from your life and simplifying – especially with a health-focus – starting in the kitchen is the best way to go.

The home is where the heart is, but your kitchen is where your heart is nourished.

My Aunt always says, “Give me one knife, one cutting board, and one pan, and I’ll create gourmet meals.”

It really can be that simple!

Here are 5 simple tips on clearing the kitchen clutter that has built up over time.

Fridge, Freezer, and Pantry:
  • Check expiration dates on condiments and toss expired products.
  • Throw week-old produce in the compost.
  • Get rid of products that contain trans fats and GMOs.
  • Wipe down and/or wash shelves.
  • Donate products that you no longer eat or use to a local food bank.
Utensil Drawers:
  • Empty out your utensil drawers and clean the trays.
  • Keep only utensils that are high quality, not broken, and useful.
  • If you have multiples, pick 1 or 2 of your favorites and donate the rest.
  • If you haven’t used something in over a year…donate it.
Cabinets and COUNTER TOPS:
  • The ONLY items on your counter tops should be items you use on a daily basis (besides decor).
  • Everything else should be stored in cabinets.
  • Reorganize your cabinets so that the frequently-used items are in easy to reach spaces.
  • Store the rarely-used items near the back of the cabinets…or decide if you need them at all.
  • Get rid of pots and pans that are burnt, rusted, badly stained, or scratched.
  • Pots and pans that are Teflon coated, aluminum, or copper are said to be hazardous to your health so best to use stainless steel or cast iron.
  • Throw away mugs, glasses, plates and bowls that are chipped.
  • Do you love your dishes and silverware?  Since these are things you use multiple times a day, make sure it’s what you love.
Cleaning Products:
  • Replace old, dirty dish cloths, sponges, and wiping cloths with new ones.
  • If you don’t like the smell of your dish-washing liquid, find one that you do.
  • Make your own All-Purpose Kitchen Cleaner with essential oils, white vinegar, and water.

Top 10 Kitchen Essentials

Our Simple Home Kitchen

Once you’ve simplified your kitchen, now’s the time to check to see if you’ve got all the kitchen essentials to help you get meals on the table at record speeds.

These Top 10 Kitchen Essentials shown below are items I use weekly…some of them daily.

I also note below each one why I love it and why it’s an absolute essential in this Paleo Lifestyle.

Food Processor
  • Slices, dices, and chops at record speeds.
Immersion Blender
Full-Size Blender
Wooden Spatula
  • The natural wood material can be used with any food or on any pan and won’t scratch, stain, or leach harmful chemicals into your food.
Plastic Spatula
  • Yes, it’s plastic, but it cleans the sides of bowls like a champ.
  • Also great for eggs because it’s smooth surface can not only flip fried eggs, but also ensure the eggs don’t stick to the pan.
Crock Pot or Instant Pot
  • Simple.  Anything that either has dinner ready when I get home or can cook a meal in under 10 minutes deserves a gold medal.
Coffee French Press
  • The coffee-maker that doesn’t take counter top space!
  • Plus, flavor that is truly unparalleled.
Wooden Cutting Block
  • Believe me…spend the money and you won’t regret it.
  • Get a craft-made cutting block and don’t forget about the feet on the bottom that prevents the board from sliding all over the place.
Great Chef Knife
  • Odds are, you probably only use one knife now.  Make sure it’s one that fits your hand AND feels great.
  • Places like Williams Sonoma will actually fit knives with your hand and cutting style.
Favorite Gadgets

We don’t really need them, but let’s be honest…some are pretty dang useful.

These are my favorites in order of usefulness:

These kitchen essentials will allow us to live with less, yet do more than ever before.

With these tools, we can clear away all the clutter that surrounds us, suffocates us, and prevents us from growing into who we were meant to be.  

It finally gives us the chance, and the freedom, to  live well, live healthy, but most importantly, to live life.  

Share Your Experience

Have you simplified your home or kitchen?

What’s your favorite kitchen tool?

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