5 Steps to Finding and Achieving Greater Health – Finding Your Health Balance

This post is my effort at coining a new phrase – “Health Balance.”

We all know the very common phrase, “Work-Life Balance.”  What we’re really alluding to here is how to make our work and life balance out so we can achieve greater health.

So why not talk directly about what we want…(drum roll please)…Health Balance.

This post is a great reference for those of you looking to improve your health and find what truly matters to you, your life, and your future.

5 Steps to Finding and Achieving Health Balance

In this 5 step process to find your Health Balance, I invite you to work through each of the 5 steps below, in order.

These steps take you through a defined process of meeting you where you are currently, looking at your overall goals, and then developing an action plan that’s personalized for you.

Use this simple, fill-in-the-blank Health Balance Worksheet as you follow the 5 step process below.

Grab your paper and a pen, and let’s dig right in…

1. Step Back

The first step to Health Balance is looking at the big picture and really ask yourself what is important to you.

When it comes to balancing health, we must first understand what it is we’re balancing.

For me it’s physical and emotional health, family, career, connection to something greater, and being financially secure.

For you, it might be completely different, but you don’t know until you write them down.

5 Top Priorities

Take this time and brainstorm at least five priorities you have for yourself and your life.  List them in the order of precedence, with 1 being MOST important.

2. Say “Yes”

Just Say “Yes”

Now that you have your list of at least five priorities, say “Yes” to doing them.

You’ll be a happier person.  You’ll reduce the stress load on your body.  Your health will improve over time.  Your relationships with your family and co-workers will be re-defined.

When you provide for yourself, you can provide more to others.

You can’t pour from an empty cup.

Importance of Saying “Yes”

Imagine with me for a moment.

A week went by and you successfully put yourself and your priorities first.  Don’t worry about how right now, just believe you did it.

Breathe into that feeling.

Be in that mindset as you answer the following questions.

  1. In order to put yourself first, what might you have to believe?
  2. As someone who believes that, you are (fill in a belief).
  3. Who else can benefit from this rejuvenated version of yourself?
  4. A year from now, after putting your priorities first, you’re a different person.  What does that look like for you?

These answers are the “fuel” you need to propel yourself forward in life and in health.  These are your motivational factors you can return to when the next steps get difficult.

3. Let Go

You’re doing great!

You’ve got your priorities and you’ve qualified the benefits of providing yourself with those priorities.  The next step in the Health Balance is to look at your schedule.

Write down your daily schedule of everything you do in a day.

Be as detailed as you can for this step, listing everything from when you wake up, meals eaten throughout the day, exercise, meetings, appointments, social events, time spent watching TV, bed time, and more.

Next, highlight those activities in your schedule that are in-line with your top five priorities you listed under Step 1.

Let Go of the Things that do not Serve

What actions during the day are not serving you or your priorities?

Take a very close look at those items in your schedule that are not highlighted.  What is the value of those activities?  What are you gaining from them?

Don’t get me wrong, I love watching TV.  It really helps me relax and chill out after a full day.  Keep in mind, though, 10 years from now, are you going to remember that  Sneaky Pete episode or playing with your five-year-old son – watching his eyes light up as he laughs?

Use your time wisely and to the greatest benefit.

Let go of one to Gain Benefit from Another

This part is critical and usually where people have the most to benefit from small changes.

Which one of your top five priorities did NOT make your daily schedule?

Your schedule tells a lot about who you are and what you value.  The optimal Health Balance is providing for your top five priorities each and every day in some way.  It may show up differently, but the value is still apparent.

The BIGGEST complaint I hear from people, is they don’t have enough time.

Well, I’ll show you how to have enough time for your top priorities.

Let go of something that provides no value and

make room for something that does.

No time for breakfast?

Wake up twenty-minutes earlier to make something quick.  That means you will have to go to bed earlier the night before to get the right amount of sleep.  Maybe this means you let go of scrolling social media at night so you can go to bed earlier.

No time to cook dinner at night?

Maybe you create a weekly meal plan, grocery shop over the weekend, and prep a few meals for quick and easy dinners throughout the week.  That means you may need to let go of something else during the weekend to make room for shopping and prep.

No time to exercise?

Then move more throughout the day.  Park furthest away from work and stores.  Take the stairs.  Walk your dog every night.  Play outside with your kids for 30 minutes every day.

Maybe you wake up thirty-minutes earlier and practice yoga.  Which means you let go of binge-watching Game of Thrones so you can go to bed a little earlier.

Honor your priorities by giving them space in your schedule.  Whatever it is you truly want…you can find a way to fit it in. 

4. Take Action

The next, and probably the most important step in Health Balance, is finding a way to befriend the work…making everything in Step 3 possible.

You are armed with everything you need.

Be Your Own Disciple

As part of my Health Coaching practice, I developed a few Health Beliefs.

My Personal Health Beliefs

You’ll notice that Discipline is listed as one of the beliefs.  Learning to befriend the work – being disciplined – will help propel your life further into Health Balance more effectively than anything else.

Let’s take a look at the word “discipline” for a minute.

Discipline comes from discipulus, which is the Latin word for pupil.  Pupil is also the source of the word disciple.

Instead of being disciplined, try being a disciple for yourself.

Start Small

Pick ONE item in your schedule to remove or replace – not two…not three…just o-n-e.

Small changes create long-lasting change.

Practice that schedule for a week; then come back and pick another one to remove or replace.  Keep going until your schedule accurately reflects your priorities and is in-line with what you want for yourself, your life, and your future.

5. Be Accountable

Lastly, set up some kind of accountability system.

What do you need to ensure you make this change?

This will look different for everyone.

Get friends or family involved.

You could prepay for seasonal produce using a CSA each week so you’re guaranteed fresh ingredients in the kitchen.

Sign up for group workouts or group training.  It’s proven that groups help keep each other accountable and increase the likelihood of completing their goals.

Establish a non-food-related “reward” like pedicures, massages, facials, or these little adventures to get excited about.

It may differ each week depending on the change, but either way, accountability to someone or something outside yourself is HUGE when it comes to making changes.

Health Balance Worksheet

Work through the steps using this simple Health Balance Worksheet.

For a FREE PDF of this Health Balance Worksheet, click HERE.

What are you Replacing or Removing from your Schedule?

For added accountability, why not start now by typing into the comments what item from your schedule you are removing or replacing?

Share with the group what your five top priorities are.

No sign-up required to comment, just great conversations.

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