9 Ways Kids Help in the Kitchen

A child’s nature is always helping, learning, and growing.  There are so many ways kids help around the house, but the most important place for them to help and learn is in the kitchen.

Get Kids Involved

It’s great to get your kids involved in the cooking process early.  It teaches them the skills, interest and desire to cook meals at home.  It also stimulates them to eat the meals they have helped prepare, even if the food is new or beyond the comfort zone.

We eat home-cooked meals 95% of the time, and spend a fair amount of time in the kitchen cooking those meals.  Over the years, as my son has gotten older, he has become more interested and more involved in the cooking process.  It is now an activity we do together as a family and we all enjoy it.

Other than playing with the oven mitts, here is a list of activities we like to get Wyatt involved in:

  • Pressing buttons.  He loves to use the food processor and blender.  He can make his own breakfast smoothies.
  • Measure ingredients.  He may not be very accurate, but he enjoys it.
  • Stir or mix ingredients.  We bought some small whisks that are easier for him to hold.
  • Pour liquid ingredients. 
  • Check on food.  Through the oven window or in the pan.
  • Get out bowls, pans, utensils, cutting boards, etc.
  • Put away bowls, pans, utensils, cutting boards, etc.
  • Shake the zip-lock bag to coat the vegetables with oil and spices.
  • Rinse dishes after they are washed and stack them to dry
wyatt cooking
Wyatt Assisting in the Kitchen

Some notes for Mommies and Daddies

  • Don’t worry about the mess that will most certainly appear.
  • It will take slightly longer to prep and cook the food with your little sous chef helping.
  • Never leave their side if they are standing on a stool.
  • Talking them through the cooking process helps them understand and retain the information.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Gloria says:

    You’re such a great Mom!!!

    1. Tanya says:

      Thanks, Gloria! I learned this way growing up, but it’s nice having him in the kitchen with us when we are cooking. Although, sometimes Mickey Mouse wins.

  2. Tiger says:

    yoy and Josh are such good cooks. It is no wonder he loves to cook.

  3. Tiger says:

    Believe the first word should be “you”.

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