5 Earth-Shattering Lessons from Paleo Fx

What a great Paleo Fx this year!  It was chocked full of vendors, workshops, and classes focusing on the seven pillars of Paleo:

  1. Nutrition
  2. Exercise
  3. Sleep
  4. Water
  5. Sunlight
  6. Community
  7. Purpose

In addition to scoring a sweet pic with Robb Wolf, I walked away with these 5 earth-shattering lessons.

DNA Influences Our Health

Ever wonder why certain diets work for some people and not for others?

The answer stems from your personal DNA.

Your DNA inherently decides how your body will burn fat, metabolize carbohydrates, and lose weight.

Kits like 23andme will analyze your DNA and provide you with your personal genetic traits, which can influence how your body reacts to food.

I’m definitely going to research more into this.

Mind = Blown!

Strong = Beautiful


Body Shaming: The action or practice of humiliating yourself by making mocking or critical comments about body shape or size. 

Sound familiar?

It happens all the time…even without you noticing.

Practice healthy speech, uplifting speech, and be 100% aware of the thoughts that pass through your mind.

Come on…it’s a new era!

It’s time to change the “acceptable” body image to a strong one – a powerful one – a capable one.  

Lift heavy weights, nourish your body with the right foods, and be accepting for who you are!

Breathing to Lose Weight

Here’s a quick test to see if you’re breathing correctly.
  1. Take a deep breath.
  2. What moved (belly, chest, or both)?
  3. If both, what moved first (belly or chest)?

If you answered chest, or it moved first, then you’re doing it all WRONG!

Your core is the most important part of your body and breathing correctly is the most influential action than can facilitate overall health.

The core connects your arms and legs to your spine, which is way more than just your abdominal muscles.

It also facilitates transverse movement – stepping forward with your right foot while your left arm shifts forward.

Try this 90-90 Breathing Exercise as a way to train your body to breathe correctly.

Eat Sausage and Brush with Mud

So many amazing vendors attending the Paleo Fx this year, but these two completely changed my world!

Mulay’s Sausage is a family owned business and has been making fresh, homemade sausage for almost 30 years!

They use 100% natural ingredients and NO SUGAR at all…not even sneaky cane sugar, coconut sugar, or honey.

I’ve had the pleasure to sample all their sausage and it’s by far the best sausage I’ve had!

Mexican Omelet

Once you’re done stuffing your face with sausage…brush your teeth with MUD!

With what?

No, that’s not a typo.

Brushing your teeth with mud is better than you think.

How do you think the cavemen brushed their teeth?  They certainly didn’t whip out a tube of Crest.

Clay is the new, natural toothpaste and Redmond Earth Powder is wonderful.  My teeth feel clean, my breath is fresh, and my dental hygienist confirmed my teeth had less plaque at my latest visit!

Give it a try.

Never Stop Learning

If you’re not learning, you’re not growing.  If you’re not growing, you’re not living up to your potential.

Get on board…adapt!

We were all there to learn more about Paleo.  Whether it involved food, nutrition, strength, or exercise, we all had a common goal and a common mindset.

We all connected on that level no matter who we were, what walk of life we came from, or what our plans were.

Our goals we all the same.

It was a great conference and I’ll be back next year!

Did you attend the Pale Fx this year?  What was the most beneficial thing you learned from the conference?  I would love to hear your comments below.

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